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Strygoo Portal

24/7 Monitoring and Alerts

The data platform offers real time alerts on rat activity, catchesbattery, bait presence & liquid level. In detection mode SmarTrap communicates all activity on the system, giving its users insight in how often and when the rats visit the system. The bait level gives an insight in how much the rats eat during their visits.

Remote Management

A TRUST algorithm calculates the confidence in the rat population based on SmarTrap parameters. The user can remotely switch from detection to catching mode based on realtime data. All from the comfort of your workplace via web-portal or the Strygoo app

Save on working hours, eliminate unnecessary visits.
In catching mode SmarTrap will show all the catches made. 

Big Data Analysis

All data is stored per customer giving insight in timing and evolution of rat control activities. 
Your effort in rat control will be quantifiable and undisputable.
All your decisions will become data-driven.

Rodent Activity Heatmap

Per customer, a heatmap can be created based on the registered movement data in every SmarTrap in the past.
This gives great spatial insight in activity of the rats.

Easy reporting

Easy-pull reports on catches, infestations, and needed SmarTrap maintenance.
Analyze your results and improve efficacy with periodic reviews.

Strygoo Portal: Products

The online platform, Strygoo Portal, gives customers access to their fleet of devices to monitor and manage the pool of SmarTraps online.

Strygoo Portal: Welcome
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