Taking rodent control to the 21st century

SmarTrap is a patent pending multi-catch system providing effective rodent management by a connected setup.
Giving you an overview of the devices under your management and status of these devices.
Our online platform ensures you to optimize your time usage per system. It avoids unnecessary interventions and gives you insight in the effectiveness of your deployed SmarTraps.
Furthermore, all data generated by your SmarTraps can be exported and used for reporting purposes, giving you the possibility to proof the effectiveness towards your clients.


Movement Detection

Register and log movement from rodents in the SmarTrap and obtain data driven insights in rodent activity at location.

Amount Caught

When sufficient and high quality movement was detected, the SmarTrap can be switched on. From this point on, you will have full insight in the number of rodents caught by the SmarTrap.

Food Level

Get online information on the status of the lure: 

  • No more driving to locations to check food levels.

  • No more empty lure containers without you knowing it.

Container Liquid Level

Get instant information on liquid level inside the container.

Ensure that no shortage or overage is present to guarantee optimal efficiency of the system in the field.

Battery Level

Get an overview of the battery level of every SmarTrap in your ownership.
With 6+ months of battery life, we want to ensure a minimum of interventions to the SmarTrap.
In case of low battery, you receive online notifications and easy replacement of the rechargeable battery can be planned and performed.

User Testimonials

I trust in Strygoo SmarTrap to notify me on rat activity. Now I am present 24/7 at all my locations. I plan my visits based on actual data, saving me a lot of transportation time

Simon Vonk 
Owner GVPM
The Netherlands

Before, I used to driver around the city all day checking up on rodenticide bait boxes.
Now I receive all information on my smartphone remotely monitoring SmarTraps around the city.
I am really solving rodent problems in our city Geel.

Kristof Dams
PCO City of Geel


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