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City of Geel, Belgium, rolls out multicatch SmarTrap

The city of Geel, with 40 000 inhabitants, has rolled out its first batch of 5 SmarTraps on its mission to eliminate the use of rodenticides and become a tox-free environment

The SmarTrap gives us the opportunity to remotely monitor and manage the rodent pest control and provide insight in the rodent population in the city. Avoiding rodenticides is a major target for us, eliminating toxic hazard and collateral damage to the wildlife in the city. Furthermore, the ease of use and multi catch aspect makes it cost effective solution by reducing the need of personnel intervention. Data insights provided by the online platform makes this solution an important part of managing the prevention of rodent hotspots. The results so far are positive and very promising.

We from Strygoo are proud to install the first 5 units at our hometown and seeing our dedication to create a tox-free environment being acknowledged by the city officials.

We look forward to continue collaborating with the city of Geel and further expand the spread of our solution there.

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